Sunday, 27 August 2017

I had friends.

Im not the kind of girl
Who is always having a lot of friends.
Because i have this issue.
Trust issues.

People betrayed me so much.
And then i started to not get so close with people.

I am actually kind of the more suffer-in- silence type. Haha i dont why but thats the way i am.

So yeah, once upon a time, i know these people. Not so called bestfriend but we're always together. 

We are friend untill something happen. Misunderstanding, i guess.

Talking shit behind to each other.

I got betrayed , again. 

They have been running round throwing all of dirt on my name ( i know, that's song lyrics hahaha)

So yeah some people thought that i am the one who should be blame to. But thats fine, i used to. They blame without knowing the story. The real story. THE WHOLE STORY.

I feel so tired. 

But nana, youll be fine. They dont deserve your sadness. Be happy! You ask Allah to get rid all of the rubbish in your life, then this is what happening. Be happy, always!