Monday, 28 August 2017

A boy

It is 01:15am.
I am sleepy
But theres something
Keep bothering me.
Late night thoughts,you know.

I knew this boy.
Very special one.
I know him since i was 15.
When i was broken, he was there.
Always be there.
Through ups and downs.
Thick and thin. 

But now,
We cant together. 
Not bcs of i dont love him
I love him.
More than everything in this world
After my family.
He's my other half.

I can say that, i cant live without him. 

But things are getting complicated.

Day by day. 

It's so hard to explain.
So hard to make everyone understand.
The situation.

I was stupid. I was very stupid. Im the one who should be blamed, i know. 

So i end up, get over it. I was thinking to start a new life. Yeah.

Dear, i know you are hurting.
But i feel the same too. 

But we cant be together. 
You are seriously deserve someone better. 
Deserve your kindness and loyalty.

*im crying right now*

I know it's so hard to find someone like you.
You are so good to me :)

But you deserve to be happy. 

Im so sorry for my wrong doings. Deep inside, i pray for your happiness. 

I miss you, i miss us. Be happy, please? Without me.