Friday, 4 November 2016

Im the IPG student NOW !

Yes people! I am IPG student right now !! 

those who do not know what the hell ‘IPG’ is , let me tell you . IPG adalah singkatan untuk Institut Pendidikan Guru. Dulu dikenali sebagai Maktab Perguruan. Pehe dok?

Last year( 2015), aku tak lulus interview. Then, this year rezeki aku dapat this year hoho which is I never expected that I will ever passed the test bcs I think I did soooooo cincai hahaha I mean, I didn’t even read all those kind thing such as isu semasa pasal pendidikan semua tu sebab yes I don’t even have any interest okay sebab I was so in love with my course when I was in upsi.

But I did so well okay untuk ukcg ( Ujian Kecergasan) –ujian kelayakan untuk masuk ipg . better than last year hehe and I think one of the reason was bcs of my parent.

Last year, I admit it I really really really want to get into IPG and wanna pass all of the interview and the ukcg. I even did some exercise for the ukcg test and staying up late reading all of those isu semasa thingy haha bcs I wanna pass the the iv and this year I don’t even read that AGAIN . I just ask my mom, dad and sister some questions yang terlintas  kat fikiran aku.

And I don’t even expect that I passed the interview with that kind of efforts.

Tu lah, bila Allah dah cakap “ya” then what cn we do kan.

If only you know, I cried so hard okay the moment I know that I will leave upsi, the science and mathematics

p/s: aku dapat course Pendidikan Islam kat IPG Pendidikan Islam Bangi

actually, aku seriously tak minat okay subject pendidikan islam hahahaha I just don’t like it. Aku asal sekolah agama, aku tak sambung tingkatan 6 sebab aku betol2 tak nak ambik STAM ( Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia). Lepas spm, aku sambung kat UPSI ambik course Diploma Science which is I love it soooooo much.

Aku masuk ipg , aku niat sebab nak happy kan my parent sebab aku tahu dorang nak sangat aku masuk IPG . masa aku dapat tawaran pegi interview and ujian kecergasan sebelum masuk ipg, masa tu aku kat upsi dalam smester 2. Parent aku sanggup beli flight ticket 2x which is first untuk ujian kecergasan and second untuk interview ipg.

 Then how can I say no when I FINALLY passed the interview?

Firstly, memang aku nangis gila k. sedih tinggalkan upsi and kawan2 aku kat sana, dan aku sedih gila sebab dah tak belajar math and science which I loveeeeee it so much. But nvm my parent knows what is the best for me and my future. And I asked Allah for the best, then Allah gives me this.

At first masa aku kat IPG seriously weh, seminggu awal nangissss je keja aku seriously. Lagi2 lepas habis orentasi. Aku benci gila dengan fasilitator orentasi ( sampai sekarang masih benci lagi :p )


Then ada yang terkejut sebab aku masuk IPG padahal aku dah sampai semester 3 kat UPSI. I just smiled and Allah knows how hurt the feeling was.

Haha then things get better day by day. I started to love people here.i even love my classmate here more than I love my classmate when I was in school.

the classmates.....

But of course I still cant accept all of these. I mean, I still wanna be in UPSI  . I love how sporting people there, how free I was there without any rules, how easy the assignments

Dah matrik card aku kat IPG ni buruk. aku anggap tukang gambar tu tak pandai nak cari lighting >.< 

mula2 kad matrik aku gambar ni.

buruk gila kannnn. then aku lekat gambar pasport aku hahahahah

but yeah I hope this is the best for me.
It’s been almost 5 months im here since June. And I wish everything will be fine after this. May Allah ease everything .


Love nana.


  1. congrats kak..all the best for ur future

  2. Assalamualaikum. Then, how are you doing now? Everything okay? (:

  3. kak for ujian kecergasan, u dpat buat sit up? and smpai level brpa? andd sit up tu takda org pggkan kaki kan? thank u!


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